Hi, I'm Malana.

My work is inspired by my journey of breaking free of everything from addiction to abuse, and my personal trials and triumphs along the way.

It was through getting support, getting sober, and getting healthy that I was finally able to see the invisible bars I'd been living behind, the people and events that had put them in place, and that I held the key within myself to open the door and leave.

Read part of my story below.

2020: The Year That Opened My Cage…

The year 2020 came and shook me awake. HARD.

As the world began to change on the outside, I began to change on the inside.

All of a sudden, NOTHING became more important to me than freedom– something I’d realized I’d been taking for granted.

I began to see all of the opportunities I’d never taken out of fear and just how little of my life I was living or actually loved.

The realization that I had been wasting my life away brought me profound grief and sadness, but it was also a catalyst for my uncaging.

And it all started with using my voice.

I didn’t care if I lost friends or if my colleagues thought I’d gone nuts. I just knew that NOTHING else mattered more than speaking truth.

“No, I’m not wearing a mask on my face! No, I’m not taking the “vaccine!” And you don’t have to either!”

That was my message to everyone, all day, everyday.

NOTHING felt more important to me than researching and being strongly vocal about the authoritarian abuse that was being inflicted upon us.

Following my instinct to seek truth and speak up changed my life.

What started off as a mission to help others see that they had a CHOICE, and that they did not have to stay silent or be forced to do ANYTHING led to me realizing that there were changes that needed to happen within ME.

That, while I wanted others to be and to feel well, I myself wasn’t being or feeling well.

And that it was time to step it up.

So I prayed for answers, was led to the exact support I needed, and little by little, I began making the changes I needed to make.

That’s how 2020 became the catalyst for:

  • finally moving out of a location I loathed

  • opening my heart to Jesus (without becoming a misogynistic homophobic Bible thumper)

  • admitting to myself that I had a drug problem

  • learning how to properly detox and nourish my body (after years of self-neglect and poor eating habits)

  • becoming a certified plant-based holistic health coach

  • piecing together my childhood sexual abuse and estranging myself from my family

  • healing my chronic pain and night terrors

  • breaking free of a toxic, dead-end marriage

  • and so much more…

It wasn’t until I was finally willing to get real about how I was living my life, start taking better care of and truly listening to my body and my intuition, and learn how to be there for myself in a way that no one else had ever been that I could finally have a shot at living the full, happy, healthy life I deserved.

It's been four years since I began speaking out, and I now see that it was the catalyst for my inner freedom – for breaking the generational cycle of abuse – so that I could go on to help other women do the same.

– Malana

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I'm a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. The pain I carried led to a weed addiction, a chronic pain disorder, and a toxic marriage. Then I find true healing, shed my past, and booked a one-way to Hawaii for a new life. Sharing my story & lessons learned.


Former self-help superstar wannabe who traded the New Age for Jesus (without culty religion), weed for health, animals for plants, abuse for love. Restored my LIFE. Reclaimed my VOICE. You can, too!