An anonymous submission from an amazing woman, friend, and student of Liana Shanti's. 🙏🏼💜 THIS is the reality of what many women face when they're finally aware of and ready to walk away from narcissistic abuse– MORE abuse. But she's re-building, and she WILL create an incredible new life for herself and her children:


Due to my active legal cases and criminal investigation, I am posting anonymously.

For two decades my ex-husband and I shared the same spiritual beliefs. Combined, we enrolled in thousands of dollars worth of personal development programs, coaching, and events to include working with shamans and psychics as well as other professionals.

Once I chose to separate from him, ex-husband chose to join in this same cult narrative in an attempt to discredit me and distract from possible accusations of abuse which I hadn’t even made yet. I was so confused, scared, and emotionally struggling when we first separated I didn’t understand what he was doing and why until months and even over a year later as I continued to heal and learned to put words to my experiences during our marriage. Words like “coercive control,” “narcissism,” and even “rape.” It took Liana Shanti’s healing work, my therapist, a Domestic Violence counselor and a Sexual Assault Victim Advocate to bring me to the reality of who my ex is and what I survived.

As I moved through my healing process and pulled together the pieces of my marriage and childhood, I finally realized my father was one of the four men involved in my sexual abuse as a child. Just like you, my ex feigned support for a very short period of time and then began to use my pain to further discredit me claiming these memories were “planted” somehow by Liana. Thankfully, law enforcement and other professionals well-versed in the accuracy of childhood trauma memories didn’t agree with him.

During our separation my ex-husband solicited the support of several flying monkeys to include Church members, family, and friends. While I kept silent about the specifics of our divorce for the sake of our children, he spun a web of lies in an attempt to discredit me while simultaneously attempting to win me back—as crazy as that sounds. Little did he realize, I will never return now that professionals and his own actions have made the truth UNDENIABLE.

The biggest heartbreak is for our children and all that they have endured because of his actions. I’ve continued to do my best to protect them and keep the peace throughout this situation. Thankfully our children are old enough to see the truth on their own. He exposes himself every moment they spend with him. In every communication and legal situation I continue to keep their interests as THE PRIORITY as he continues to battle for control of them and our finances in an attempt to harm me.

I continue to be traumatized on a regular basis post-separation yet leaving him was the best decision I’ve made. Our freedom is worth every hardship we’ve endured. Providing our children with an environment of peace 50% of the time is still better than what we experienced 100% of the time under a roof with him.

I’ve surrendered my need for Justice or to prove who is right or wrong in this situation. I know what I experienced, I know the truth, my children know some of the truth, and so does Jesus. Family Court is a not a place to seek justice. I’ve already put myself into debt simply trying to reach an agreement to move forward. This system and process feels like paying professional babysitters and surrogate parents to force an unreasonable, sadistic spouse into some form of agreement—hopefully in the best interests of the children, but often not.

I can sleep at night knowing I stood up for myself and refused to tolerate another day of abuse and my children witnessed that. I am a CYCLE BREAKER.

I appreciate Liana Shanti, every non-profit and professional who has believed me and supported me through this process. I can’t imagine walking through this alone and invalidated. Thank you for BELIEVING ME."

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If you go to the screenshots of Joe Scoppino's group posts that Malana linked, you will see my name first, front and center in a response from Joe. Aaralyn. That's because I often commented on Joe's posts. Having myself been higher on the narcissist scale before healing, I recognized those same things in Joe.

It's hard for narcissists to heal, and I didn't want to just say, DUDE, you're a narcissist. So I shared the things I had found within myself and how I went about healing them.

These are very personal personal details (many say VULNERABLE) that I shared, believing that Joe Scoppino was genuinely trying to heal. So finding out that he was manipulating me and the others all along - is disgusting. It's disgusting to me that he lied and emotionally manipulated myself and the other women, and is now weaponizing that information to harm them...as you described, Malana.

Luckily, I don't have children either, or an ex. I was unattached when I found Liana's work. I also never met Joe in person. I think I talked to him once on the phone or messaged him, because he was working for a website company, and I had questions about it.

People, like Joe, who have been Liana's students at some point or family members who have been broken up with - cry cult because they don't want to accept accountability for their actions. And they're angry they've lost control of you.

Most people don't understand deep devotion to themselves, Jesus and a human teacher. And it scares them. Other cultures have "gurus" and teachers. 

Look up Maharaji and his students, Ram Dass and Krishna Das. Read about their devotion to Maharaji. Crying when they couldn't touch him or be with him. Krishna Das was devastated and returned to self destruction for a period of time after leaving India when he couldn't see Maharaji anymore.

To see Liana Shanti and her students, many of whom are protective mothers, being attacked in this way is sickening. Liana's work has helped me lose 140 pounds, maintain 5+ years, heal PCOS, depression, chronic migraines, acid reflux, adrenal fatigue...that's just the physical stuff.

I also struggled with binge & emotional eating and food addiction. Eating to the point of vomiting. Which I don't do anymore. I used to believe I was a piece of trash. I used to wonder why I was even alive. Multiple occasions I wished I could just not be here anymore.

I also had fantasies about being raped. I was addicted to very violent porn. That was me, after being raised and "mentored," by my mom, Wanda Price. My mom also conveniently cried cult many years ago, even though she knows I'm not in a cult just because I am a student of Liana Shanti.

I live in the same town I grew up in, I now have two thriving, local businesses. I contribute to my local community, and I am well loved and respected by my clients.

Back to the rape fantasies. Don't have those anymore. I also have purpose, and I see value in my life now. I don't have any coping mechanisms or addictions anymore. I love myself a million times more than I did when I believed was a walking piece of trash.

People who are miserable and hate themselves, seek to cause harm. They cannot stand to see anyone else be happy or thrive, because it shines a light on their own misery and failure. How do I know this? I have personal experience eradicating that from my being.

We have the right to live peaceful lives and not be harassed and harmed for our spiritual and religious beliefs, just because some adults acting like 2 year old demon children are pissed because they didn't get their way.

Joe Scoppino, Laura Scoppino, and the others seeking to harm mothers and children by lying in a court of law...it's vomit worthy.

I have been a student of Liana Shanti for 10+ years. I know the work, I know her, I know her teachings. They have been consistent for 10+ years, and life changing. These people are trying to come in and paint their narrative using half truths and outright lies. While her students are laughing at them the whole time because of how clueless they are. 

But anyway, thank you Malana for relentlessly sharing truth and facts. The world needs to know.

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Your story always amazes me, Aaralyn. And it amazes me how anyone can read it and STILL choose to gloss right over your transformation and believe abusers. Though not surprising at all.

It's also telling that you still live in the same town you grew up in! And have thriving businesses! Because there's also been this false narrative that we're all told to uproot ourselves and move. Meanwhile, no one is "told" that they have to do anything. And even if a woman DOES want to move states, or even countries for that matter, it's her RIGHT for her desires and values to evolve and change as she, too, evolves and changes, which is completely natural.

What you said about how you felt Joe was a narcissist but didn't SAY that and chose to focus on sharing what helped you on your own healing path goes to show what the group was REALLY like. No one, not even Liana, was ever like "Hey, we think you're xyz..." It didn't matter. All that mattered is if someone genuinely wanted to be there to heal, they deserved to do that without being judged or told what to do and how to do it.

Thank you so much for your sharing your story and your input, and thank you for being a friend 💜

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Aug 7, 2023Liked by Malana Hokulani

Aaralyn, you said this perfectly. I only interacted with Joe a few times, maybe twice. Only a very desperate, dark person would do what he is trying to do. Sickening.

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Malana, I was kept emotionally hostage by an ex and it was so devastating that it still continued to haunt me even after 5 whole years. It wasn't until Liana's work that I had the tools to break through the trauma. Speaking from personal experience, a person who is abused in this way does not go onto submit false affidavits and destroy the lives of others. They are too broken to even human. I remember my probably one direct interaction with Joe, it was on one of the threads in the group where you had shared about your journey and process and he came forth to engage with my comment and added for you and everyone to see that how he always believed in you and was so happy for you. Which didn't seem to add up. You know? Because you would share your biz journey on ig and in personal conversations with you, you knew what you wanted to do but the energy to do that ended up being like a balloon with a hole in it. You used to pump it with all your energy but after a while it was deflated. The sweeping in as prince charming hyping you up in posts and threads and yet the disdain you were in behind the scenes, did not add up. Liana's work and communities are so soul affirming and love filled, but to even accept love, one's light demands one to step up. He didn't do that. Instead made the vile & criminal attempt with the false affidavits to keep children of beautiful protective parents away from love and safety. I mean, it's crazy that every person who starts thinking for themselves is said to be in a cult. If cult here means Co-creating ULtimate Transcendence it would have been accurate but rather it's just projected sadism that how dare one break free to be happy while they remain stuck and miserable. I think it's cognitively hard for some people to grasp that we respect and love Liana out of our free will unlike the typical cliche families where one is forced to respect and follow the head of the family. Thank you for being a powerful voice of Light!

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Thank you for sharing this, Kaimani! I'm so sorry about what you experienced with your ex and that it haunted you for 5 years. OMG. I know your heart, and I can ONLY IMAGINE the level of care you poured into that person. Thank God you found Liana's work! Narcissistic abuse truly embeds itself into ever fiber of our being until we clear it out. You're living proof of that, and this world is 100% a better place with you in it as a free, happy, and healthy woman. I know for sure because of the difference you’ve made in my life, personally 🙏🏼

You're so right about how if someone was truly abused in this way, they're not gonna go trying to destroy others– they’d be too busy trying to heal and possibly thinking “What do I need to do to hold the ABUSER accountable?" Not writing affidavits against the students of the so-called abuser! It doesn’t make any logical sense.

I can even use myself as an example: when I estranged myself from my parents after facing my abuse, I didn’t go contacting their friends, or other family members, or any businesses they’d associated with telling people what happened or trying to get others to believe me. I didn’t even tell my own friends the details! And it's not to say that if I had, I would have necessarily been wrong to do that. But I knew that wasn't the answer for me.

So I walked away to focus on HEALING. If anything, I made vague references as part of sharing my healing journey, but that was about it. And even with moving forward practically in silence, I was still bullied and harassed. Then when being privately mocked went public and Liana’s name was being smeared, THAT’S when I was like “Fuck this! I’m speaking out!”

You also just reminded me of all the encouragement you witnessed from Joe! Thank you for sharing that! You’re right! He was encouraging me within the groups, you all saw that, and right up until the very end. Like even a day or so before he left! I remember he left the day I was supposed to start an event to help people quit weed, I had been working on it and promoting it for a few weeks, he was all supportive of it, but of course, true colors came blasting out.

“you knew what you wanted to do but the energy to do that ended up being like a balloon with a hole in it. You used to pump it with all your energy but after a while it was deflated. The sweeping in as prince charming hyping you up in posts and threads and yet the disdain you were in behind the scenes, did not add up.”

YES! Exactly!

That’s what life was like with him. There were certain people (depending on who we were around) that would get this version of him where he’d be boosting me up. But then behind closed doors, it was this never-ending rollercoaster of ups and downs, of being a slave to his emotions, the person who needed to be responsible to fix what was ailing him, and for those last few months, now it was my dreams/desires that were the issue… but not all the time. Because when it was good, it was so good, that I clung and could convince myself that the bad days were just part of his healing journey, that he didn’t mean the things he was saying to me, that it made sense to keep going.

I know you can relate to all of this. Anyone who’s been a victim to narcissistic abuse understands this. Especially when we’re empathic in nature. We cling to the good. We just cannot fathom that a person’s dark side IS what we’re really dealing with and that the light we see is mostly just a cover, something they’ve learned how to portray from watching US.

“If cult here means Co-creating ULtimate Transcendence it would have been accurate”


“I think it's cognitively hard for some people to grasp that we respect and love Liana out of our free will unlike the typical cliche families where one is forced to respect and follow the head of the family.”


You hit the nail on the head in so many ways. You have such a gift for words and for reflecting things back. I truly appreciate what you shared. You helped remind me of a lot– things I forgot I even had witnesses to. So thank you.

And most of all, thank you for being a friend. Since early 2021, you watched me start to blossom… only to then shrink a bit… then start to blossom again… and then all the ups and downs… and you’ve always been such an incredible source of support, encouraging me to never give up and reminding me of who I truly AM deep down. 💜💜💜

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Sweetest Malana, Thank you so much for all your love. It's been a privilege witnessing you blossom into the fullness of your light. The truth has set you free and you're freeing so many women from their illusions about the abusers in their life with your story! Cheering you on always! <3

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Its been hard to see someone, actually THE MOST LOVING person on this earth, be talked about in such a degrading way. By people who don't even know Liana, don't know shit about her teachings, but are feeling so threatened by her light and her unwavering stance in truth.and even Joe Scoppino who did know Liana's teachings but couldn't handle the truth anymore. Any sane person would just walk away and stop doing the work. Only someone in such self hatred, misery, and desire to control would leave and go on to smear, harm, and abuse Liana, Malana, and the group of women, and a few men, that he loved to mooch off of. AND HARM INNOCENT CHILDREN, even more than they already have been by the abusive "fathers" he aligned with.

I had zero interaction with him outside of Liana's Facebook groups, but the last comment I made to him included a quote from Liana that said "definitely do not allow your ego to give up on your soul".

I don't believe he acknowledged that part at all, not surprisingly.

I personally started Liana's programs before my husband and would every now and then ask him to listen or do them too. My husband actually cried cult too in the beginning of my healing journey. I honestly don't know what switched within him to where he now shares Liana's work with so many people and he even to his old friends that he cried cult too, he shared with them that he was wrong in doing that.

Reading that Joe said we held him emotionally hostage is HILARIOUS, but then I also feel angry because it's the furthest thing from the truth, no one made Joe come to these groups and share in detail about his shitty upbringing or his shitty hemorrhoids, that was all his free will. Angry that what liars like Joe do is blame their wrong doings onto their victims. It's so sickening.

Thank you so much Malana for sharing this all so clearly for us to understand & process, and the questions at the end too. Very helpful 🙏💜💜💜💜 sending you lots of love ❤️❤️❤️

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Hey, Aleka! I'm only just now responding, but when I first read your comment, I felt so much gratitude to you for being willing to share your experience with your husband. I felt less "alone."

I imagine you didn't take it/want to take the "cult cry" seriously because it's so preposterous to begin with that LIANA'S teachings of all teachings are a cult... it's so easy to brush it off like "OMG, stop being ridiculous. You and I both know it's not a cult." But your husband happened to hang in there and see the light, thank GOD!

"no one made Joe come to these groups and share in detail about his shitty upbringing or his shitty hemorrhoids"

LMAO. Just had another good laugh over that one, thank you.

You're very welcome for sharing all of this, and thank you for reading and taking the time to share your thoughts. After what he's put so many women through, while trying to keep his dirty deeds private, I feel it's vital that the truth be made public 💜💜💜

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This is so well written Malana. The more I heal, the more I am able to feel the insincerity in his words. Back then, not so much and was actually rooting for him. He was trying hard to be liked/not seen as the bad guy whilst simultaneously feeling resentful about it. If anything, he was keeping himself emotionally hostage. Perfect example of covert narcissism and how they will always try to save face depending on who they are speaking to. Thank you for continuing to share your story and I send love to you and everyone who has been affected by his actions.

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Thank you so much, Cagla! 🥰💜 And thank you for reading and for sharing your thoughts. "If anything, he was keeping himself emotionally hostage." That's a great way to put it! Yes. I agree.

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Aug 9, 2023Liked by Malana Hokulani

The thing about Joey being a wolf in sheep's clothing is that at some point he decided he would do harm. THAT is something that I don't believe anyone in Liana's community including myself could have ever fathomed he would ever do.

Joey you don't want to do the healing work, no problem, don't.

The ONLY problem is that he made a conscious and deliberate choice to harm women in our community by writing false affidavits in addition to being part of the smear campaign against you and Liana. It is beyond unconscionable he did that to a community of women who did nothing but support him and encourage him on his own healing journey.

While I did not personally feel emotionally manipulated by him because I could see that he loved getting the attention, I kept my interactions in the groups with him at a bare minimum. However, that didn't keep me from being absolutely sickened to my stomach to read the fact that he wrote false affidavits that deliberately have caused harm to children and their mothers. Women and children whom he never ever met personally. I can never reconcile this kind of evil. Especially to write anything less than honorable about Liana Shanti herself but instead start a smear campaign against her spreading nothing but lies. A woman who gave him a space in her online community to be supported in his healing journey and supported him fully when he shared in the groups. No, I can never reconcile this evil but I absolutely join you and Liana in setting the record straight. Liana did nothing to hurt Joey, offered him unconditional love and guidance on the things he shared. That's it, and that is not a fucking cult.

My interactions with Joey came into a short frequency when I hired him to do my website which I did in my desire to show support to you and him as a family since he had the skills to do what I needed. So all I know of him personally is on a professional level. He did do what I hired him to do which I thanked him for and wished him well when he left you and Liana's community. I did share with him some parts of my journey since he was learning about me for my website but it was nothing that I haven't shared in our community openly about eradicating fear from my life. I have very strong boundaries with men who are married so nothing can ever be misconstrued. Thankfully, these boundaries kept me from being emotionally manipulated by him.

Of course, I felt sadness when he left because I was always hopeful he was on the healing path with you and that together you were both progressing into a bright future. I didn't understand what was happening behind the scenes because it's none of my business. None of us are obliged to share everything and Liana has often said, we never know the whole story. And since it isn't any of our business what happened behind closed doors with you and Joey, it was never something any of us ever asked you to share.

However, it became our business in as much to understand how this was even possible when Joey decided to slander and defame Liana and you. In addition to the colluding with criminals to take away children in the name of saving them from a cult. Which he knows with 100% certainty Liana's community is not a cult. That is why he could leave without anyone asking, begging him to stay or showed up at his parents doorsteps to bring him back. No one did such things. I mean can you imagine if anyone hired those criminals to bring him back? I have a feeling he wouldn't like that type of deprogramming. And where would we even tell these criminals to bring him back to? His cell phone? His laptop? It's so ridiculous. 🙄 Absolutely NO ONE held him hostage in ANY way.

As someone who has been in every single online group Liana has offered since 2012, I have seen hundreds of people come and go without any notice whatsoever unless of course they announce themselves before leaving. To which Liana has said, it's not an airport, a departure notice is absolutely not necessary...LOL. Why? Because she doesn't care if people chose to leave, that is their choice. Liana teaches us sovereignty and that means she also honors ours.

I also have to roll my eyes at his mother's letter worried about his health. I mean I never met Joey in person but in what cult is being healthy a pre-requisite??? It's laughable at best and cynical at worst what he went home and told his parents about you, Liana, and our community.

Thank you for setting the record straight about who the REAL Joey is and what lies, deception, slander and smear campaign he initiated because it's absolutely unacceptable that he thinks he can get away with doing that much evil and harm and you weren't going to defend yourself.

Thank God your life IS Lifeproof that Liana's programs work so that you can be a woman that is empowered to speak the truth even after having lived with a narcissist like him. I pray for justice for you, Liana and the women he has harmed. May it come swiftly.

Much love to you always Malana!! You are a force to be reckoned with!!!

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"Which he knows with 100% certainty Liana's community is not a cult. That is why he could leave without anyone asking, begging him to stay or showed up at his parents doorsteps to bring him back. No one did such things."


"And where would we even tell these criminals to bring him back to? His cell phone? His laptop? It's so ridiculous." 🤣🤣🤣

"I also have to roll my eyes at his mother's letter worried about his health."

Right. Just like every other narcissistic parent out there, they're never concerned when you're drinking and drugging your liver away or eating tons of fatty processed garbage. Concerned about his health... gimme a break!

Thank you SO much for sharing all of this, Sophia!! 🙏🏼💜 You were a beacon of light for him. I saw it so clearly, how his energy shifted after he listened to you on the Q&A, and he said it, too. Your story... how it all clicked... your shares were what helped him trust and realize "Oh, maybe I WILL actually do this for myself..." but he chose to turn around. His loss. Unfortunately, he tried taking others down with him in the process.

But his dirty deeds done in the dark will NOT remain there. Because since he's done ALL of this, he WILL do it again to other women in some, way, shape or form if no one has the courage to speak up and show the world who he REALLY is and always was: a wolf in sheep's clothing.

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Thank you for shining a light and BEING a shining light. Your words are encouraging others to show up and speak up too 🙏

Much of this is hard to read and it's a blatant reminder to drop the rose-colored glasses and look at things for what they are and most of all — to look at someone's ACTIONS before looking at their words. Something Liana Shanti teaches with such elegance.


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Yes, it's all about the ACTIONS. I've learned my lesson there. Thank you so much for reading and for your kind feedback, Jacq! 🙏🏼🥰

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Unforgivable that he would do that to kids. He clearly knows nothing about parenting. When God gives people talents and abilities it is for them to step up for those who are weaker and need help like some women and children, not for ego to feed off of them just so they feel significant.

Mathew 25:

41 “Then he will say to those on his left, ‘Depart from me, you who are cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels. 42 For I was hungry and you gave me nothing to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me nothing to drink, 43 I was a stranger and you did not invite me in, I needed clothes and you did not clothe me, I was sick and in prison and you did not look after me.’

44 “They also will answer, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry or thirsty or a stranger or needing clothes or sick or in prison, and did not help you?’

45 “He will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me.’

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It’s definitely a waste of talent and abilities, as well as being disgusting and criminal, but the thing is yes, it IS forgivable.

That’s what men like Joe Scoppino and the people taking part in the hate campaign against Liana don’t realize.

They’re all holding onto so much shame from abuses and crimes they’ve been trying to run and hide from for so long, not realizing, that the TRUTH will set them FREE.

They don’t believe THEY’RE worthy of peace, love, joy, happiness, OR forgiveness, and so they spend their whole lives trying to ruin the lives of those who DO believe they’re worthy of those things.

And they just dig themselves deeper and deeper into darkness that it becomes next to impossible for them to see a way out.

They actually become acclimated to living amongst the cold, wet, slimy, and rotting, and they want to bring as many down with them as they can.

Meanwhile, ALL of it IS forgivable. ANYTHING they’ve done. Anything WE’VE done! As NONE of us have lived perfect, saintly lives.

From shoplifting to bullying… from child-on-child sexual abuse (which children LEARN and often repeat) to adult-on-child sexual abuse… from drugging and raping unconscious women all the way to murder… anything you can think of, Jesus would forgive IF someone is truly willing to look at what they did, why they did it, and HEAL.

THIS is Jesus’ message that Liana teaches. THIS is unconditional love. And those who want to take us down cannot STAND IT. They would prefer to keep being COWARDS living a lie than to, God Forbid, admit that they’re HUMAN. That they were raised so miserably that, throughout their lives, they perpetuated that misery onto others, whether consciously or unconsciously.

Does coming clean mean everyone’s going to like and love them? No. Does it mean they won’t have to pay some kind of price according to our justice system? No. They may very well have to do that.

But it’s WAY BETTER to have JESUS and a free soul behind bars than to spend an eternity living in darkness. Because that’s EXACTLY what’s going to happen to most of these people.

Many of whom hug the Bible and spew verses thinking their cheap talk counts more than their actions.

But Jesus knows! And they know deep down, too. They know every time they reach for the vape, the weed, the wine. Every time they smack an innocent child, or wack off to a teen on a screen. They know.

And despite all of it? If they came clean and begged for forgiveness, they are in the presence of the EXACT kinds of women AND men who actually know how to do that.

And that is why they hate us so much. Because we KNOW, AND we can still love. And since they don’t love themselves, they reject it when they find it.

Their loss.

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Yeah this is all true. I guess as a mother who has never ever been away from her children for more than a few days to a week max (and regretted some of those times) it just really really upsets me for those kids and their mothers. Especially when they’re so young and so attached to their moms. As crazy and emotionally abusive as my ex has been at least he never had the audacity to try to separate us from each other.

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I COMPLETELY get the place you were coming from 🙏🏼

What he did is evil, no doubt, and I also want to make sure anyone who reads this thread knows the truth of what we stand for and learn from Liana.

I also want to give hope. Someone somewhere may be living with a lot of shame and could read this and then think “Okay, it’s not over for me. I can still turn this around.” Which is what’s best for everyone in this world.

I’m so happy for you that your ex has never tried to separate you and your children! That’s a huge blessing. I can only imagine the torture mothers go through when they’re not only kept from them, but then have to listen to their children BEG to be with them and are unable to do a thing 😔

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Aug 7, 2023Liked by Malana Hokulani

Every time I see one of those stories I pray for them to be reunited. My ex did show me one of those articles circling and god knows how that came his way but I told him, he better not mess with any of those people because they are associating with pedophiles and it won’t work out well if he ever did. He hasn’t mentioned it again.

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